America East Conference involved in NCAA lawsuit over sexual assault cases


An unnamed America East swimmer is one of seven women suing the NCAA over sexual assault cases.

ESPN first reported on April 29th that seven women would be filing a lawsuit against the NCAA over failure to protect them from these assaults.

The lawsuit filed in the U.S District Court for the Western district of Michigan, accuses the NCAA of fraud, multiple counts of negligence, and breach of contract. The women shared they were sexually assaulted by male athletes at three schools, one of those being from the America East conference.

The complaint originally stated she was a citizen of Vermont but has now been shared she is from New York. The women alleges she was raped by a men’s basketball player on Sept. 7, 2019. She shared the information about her assault a month later to a campus victim advocate.

It was noted that the victim spoke with the Athletic Director at a hockey game on Nov. 15, 2019. UNH, UVM, and Maine are the three schools that offer women’s swimming, men’s basketball, and hockey programs. On that day, only Vermont and Maine held home hockey games.

After the female swimmer at the America East school reported in Oct. 2019 to officials that she was raped by a men’s basketball player, she was told by an athletics employee that an informal title process could not lead to her alleged perpetrator being suspended because it “Wouldn’t be fair to other players’ and it would have a negative impact on the community who attend games expecting to see [him] play”

The America East conference has not made any public comments regarding this case. UVM is a member of the America East conference but is not mentioned in the complaint.

You can find the original ESPN article released on Apr 29 about this lawsuit here.

You can find the complaint shared by Burlington Free Press here.

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