Athlete of the Week: BFA St. Albans’ Anna Casavant


Anna Casavant is a senior captain for the BFA-St. Albans alpine ski team. Casavant also participates in cross country and lacrosse. 

“As a captain, Anna’s been a great leader,” BFA head coach Steven Wunsch explained. “She brings her skills that she’s acquired over the years of ski racing and she leads by example. She’s a perfect role model for when she does a run; they’re all watching Anna. You can learn as much on the hill going up watching her as you can watch her on the way down.” 

Anna has skied for as long as she can remember. 

“My dad and his sister, my aunt Beth, they grew up skiing and they were my very first coaches when I was little, so, they kind of instilled a love for it in me” said Anna Casavant.  

Anna is ranked second in the North without ever being enrolled in a Ski Academy, which doesn’t happen often.

“Something just clicked. I think it was that it’s not a job for me. I don’t do it because my parent’s force me to, I don’t do it because I want anything out of it, I just love doing it. I think that’s where people go wrong, they do it to win and I’m just doing it because I love to do it,” said Casavant.

Anna grew up being inspired by her family, but also one of the most successful American skiers of all time. “My favorite skier growing up was Lindsey Vonn. She’s the epitome of what it is to be a strong woman to me” Casavant revealed. 

While being inspired, Anna has her eyes on a prize at the end of this season. 

“A personal goal for myself is I’d like to make it to Eastern’s. I’ve never been unfortunately, but it’s my last year and that’s all I really want.” said Casavant. 

Anna encourages all parents to take their children skiing, saying, “It’s the best thing ever, they’ll be able to do it for the rest of their lives and they can teach their children. It’s just the best sport.”

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