Hunter Groff started dancing when he was five years old. He wanted to be part of a dance production his mother was putting on, and he was hooked on the sport right away. 

Groff is a stand-out senior dancer on the Mount Mansfield Union varsity dance team, but he also excels on the pitch as a member of the boys’ soccer team.

He is a leader on the dance team and in the sport as a male dancer.

“He is just a true role model for male athletes, especially in the sport of dance,” Rose Bedard, MMU varsity dance head coach, explained. “Sometimes there’s that stigma that men cannot dance or should not be in dance and he totally breaks that barrier and that’s pretty awesome.”

Hunter also recognizes the importance of breaking down gender barriers in the sport.

“I might have the chance to inspire other guys to try it out or dance even if they’re feeling a little self-conscious about it, but I don’t think I’m doing anything more than any of my female teammates are doing,” Groff detailed.

Hunter and the Cougar dance team hope to win the state title this season, and hopefully go on to represent Vermont at the New England meet.