If you need a better idea of what makes a good teammate, look no further than Colchester senior Chloe Palmer.

The Lakers’ girls’ soccer captain is dependable, whether she’s playing defense on the field or spending time with her teammates off the pitch.

“Chloe is always there to talk to. She’s extremely reliable,” Colchester senior co-captain Maggie Ryan said. “She’s just fun to be around.”

Palmer has been a big factor in helping Colchester to a currently-unbeaten record, but her legacy at CHS will go beyond just the wins and losses.

“There are kids that come along in our program, and we’ve got a lot of special ones. Chloe is one of those kids. She’s a great teammate, she’s there to pat you on the back and help you up. She’s also there to challenge you when you need to be challenged,” head coach Jeff Paul said. “She’s a special kid and Colchester is lucky to have her.”

Right now, soccer is not on the agenda for Chloe’s college career, but she plans to turn her caring nature into a career as a dietitian.

“I want to help people recover from eating disorders,” Palmer said. “I think that’s a really interesting part of how your brain makes you control what you eat.”