MMU outside hitter Luke Walters is a standout on and off the volleyball court. He’s one of the top players in Vermont and plays the sport year-round.

Luke was an integral part in the growth of the Cougars varsity team. He was on the roster when MMU only had a club team just a few years ago. Now, he leads MMU as a captain for varsity.

Walters is committed to his craft, he’s a part of multiple volleyball leagues and teams. “In the fall I play in school, in the winter I play for Vibe, and in the summer I play on adult leagues” said Walters.

MMU head coach Rick Gouse noted that Luke’s skills are rare at this level.

“Luke is by far one of the best players in the state. What I really respect about Luke is that he’s still coachable. He’s still learning. If I ask him to do things, he’s always moving forward in his game” added Gouse.

Playing at the next level is something Luke is planning on doing. Walters shared that he’s interested in two schools right now, Colby Sawyer College and Springfield College.

“He’s in the band, he plays volleyball, he helps out with the other volleyball matches both women and junior varsity. He’s an excellent student… all in all he’s just a super well rounded kid” said Gouse.

Luke and the Cougars return to action on the court on Thursday, October 21 facing rival Burlington.