“Seen, not heard” is perhaps the best way to describe SBHS senior Sam Crane on the field.

“She’s kind of that quiet leader,” SBHS field hockey and girls’ lacrosse head coach Anjie Soucy said. “She’s not somebody vocal trying to get the team pumped up, but I think she does it in her own competitive way that pulls other kids along.”

Crane’s skill set makes her dangerous, whether she’s playing field hockey or lacrosse, and brings the same level of effort no matter the season.

“She plays the same way in both sports,” Soucy said. “100-percent, all the time.”

“On the field hockey field, she uses her lacrosse mindset,” Crane’s lacrosse and field hockey teammate, and fellow SBHS senior Mia Angwin said. “You see her kind of juke people out, and she does that in field hockey as well, because she just moves her body and she cuts for the ball. She catches people off guard because she’s so quick with her feet and her moves.”

Crane has been playing both sports since she was in middle school, but she hopes to continue her lacrosse career after high school. It’s an option she didn’t always know was possible.

“One of my assistant coaches and also Anjie reached out to me and asked if I was looking to play in college,” Crane said. “I didn’t think that others thought about that for me, so when I heard that I started to pursue it more.”

Crane said that Western Connecticut State is currently at the top of her list, and she expects to make an official decision next month.