CVU baseball and softball take down South Burlington


The South Burlington Wolves hosted CVU for a baseball and softball matchup Tuesday afternoon.

The reigning Division I state champions of CVU baseball took down South Burlington 5-1. South Burlington scored a run first for the 1-0 lead. Shortly after, the Redhawks followed with a high fly to right field by Tyler Skaflestad while Brendan Tivnan ran home to tie it up 1-1. 

In the seventh inning a three-run homer set the Redhawks above for a 4-1 lead. In the same inning, Skaflestad and Tivnan teamed up again to lead the Wolves 5-1. CVU extended its win streak to 15 games. 

In softball, the Redhawks opened up scoring with a 1-0 lead with a ground ball to third by Kylie McLure. Shayla Lawrence cut it home to score. CVU took down SBHS 8-5. 

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