Devil's Bowl: "Hometown Heroes" night

WEST HAVEN, Vt. - Sunday night was "Hometown Heroes" night at Devil's Bowl Speedway where all law enforcement officers, firefighters, rescue personnel, and active and retired military members received free grandstand admission.

Kevin Chaffee, a Bradford, Vermont native, raced to his first-ever Devil's Bowl victory in the Central Vermont Motorcycles Sportsman Modified Feature.

All race results (ranks 1-5):

Central Vermont Motorcycles Sportsman Modified Feature (30 laps)
1.(6) Kevin Chaffee, Bradford, Vt.
2.(11) Tim LaDuc, Orwell, Vt.
3.(13) Vince Quenneville Jr., Brandon, Vt.
4.(7) Joey Scarborough, Brandon, Vt.
5.(1) Allan Hammond, Canaan, N.H.

O’Reilly Auto Parts Limited Sportsman Feature (20 laps)
1.(5) Joey Roberts, Fletcher, Vt.
2.(11) Michael Wagner-Fitzgerald, Gansevoort, N.Y.
3.(8) Paolo Pascarella, Troy, N.Y.
4.(3) Kyle Hoard, North Granville, N.Y.
5.(1) Adam Piper, Leicester, Vt.

Super Stock Feature (10 laps x 3)
Pos.-(Start)-Driver-Hometown-Segment Score
1.(7) Chris Murray, Fair Haven, Vt. – 7 pts.
2.(4) Kevin Elliott, Rutland, Vt. – 9 pts.
3.(6) Josh Bussino, Mount Holly, Vt. – 10 pts.
4.(3) Curtis Condon, Queensbury, N.Y. – 16 pts.
5.(10) Joey Trudeau, Hague, N.Y. – 18 pts.

Portland Glass Mini Stock Feature (20 laps)
1.(18) Jason Porter, Freeport, Maine
2.(17) Mike Preston, Panton, Vt.
3.(15) P.J. Cram, Fair Haven, Vt.
4.(25) Zach Wood, Georgia, Vt.
5.(10) Kaleb Shepard, Vergennes, Vt.

Friend Construction 500cc Mini Sprint Feature (13 laps)
1.(9) Brandon Emerson, Williamstown, Vt.
2.(4) # Dakota Green, Eagle Bridge, N.Y.
3.(12) Colby Beinhaur, Shoreham, Vt.
4.(5) Erick Mulready, Hoosick Falls, N.Y.
5.(11) # Michael Bradley, Hoosick Falls, N.Y.

Ladies Mini Stock Feature (8 laps)
1.(4) Diane Porter, Freeport, Maine
2.(2) Jessica Moquin, Milton, Vt.
3.(6) Stephanie Roberts, Fletcher, Vt.
4.(3) Morgan Ballard, Fair Haven, Vt.
5.(5) Mary Gardner, Granville, N.Y.
6.(1) Sami Sargent, Georgia, Vt.
Did Not Start: Jill Simonds, Clarendon, Vt.

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