The community packed the Richford High School gym once again as its local star ran her final race in Tokyo.

Montgomery native Elle Purrier St. Pierre crossed the finish line tenth out of the 13 competitors, but the excitement persisted even as it became clear she was not going to medal.

“We were proud of her no matter what she did,” Annie Purrier, Elle’s mother, said. “She’s accomplished a great amount.”

Purrier St. Pierre finished the 1500m final with a time of 4:01:75; a short race compared to the lasting impact she has had on her hometown area.

“It’s just a great joy, and to know that your child is doing that is wonderful,” Annie Purrier said.

Now, the attention turns to the 2024 Summer Games in Paris, and although it is a goal to make it there, Elle’s family hopes she can unwind a little when she returns to Vermont.

“She has worked incredibly hard to get where she is,” Elle’s husband, Jamie St. Pierre, said. “Hopefully she gets a little well-deserved rest and does some celebrating. We’re so proud of her.”