Many of us have that person who we’re lucky enough to be able to call a mentor. And for Montreal Alouette kicker David Cote, that person is Castleton University kicking coach Steve Wolf.

David Cote met Steve Wolf two years ago as a college student in Quebec City. Today, he is working out with Wolf as a second-year kicker in the Canadian Professional Football League (CFL).

“To see David from where he started at Laval to where he’s at now, he’s made tremendous improvements and I give him props for sticking with it,” said Castleton University kicking coach Steve Wolf.

One of Cote’s idols growing up was Alouette legend, Anthony Calvillo. Many consider Calvillo to be one of the greatest CFL players of all time. He won three Grey Cup championships for the Alouettes, winning in 2002, 2009, and 2010. Calvillo also held the record for the most all-time passing yards in any professional football league from 2011 to 2020. His record was recently broken by retired NFL quarterback Drew Brees in 2020.

Cote is humbled to play for the same team that he grew up watching.

“It’s like a childhood dream that comes true every time I put that jersey on,” says Alouette kicker David Cote. “It’s pretty special.”

He is also thankful to have Wolf as a mentor.

“It means a lot to have someone I could rely on and he could guide me because he went through this process when he was younger,” Cote says.

Wolf was drafted by the Houston Oilers in 1987. But he says he never had a real mentor when he was in David’s shoes.

“Honestly when I was kicking, there were probably three guys in the entire country that could teach kicking and punting,” Wolf says. “When we played, we just grabbed the ball, we kicked it, we tried different things and we got as far as we could and mostly on our natural talent.”

He wants to make sure kickers like Cote have someone they could go to.

“That’s the part I enjoy more than anything else is seeing them develop,” Wolf says. “Knowing that maybe you contributed a little bit towards helping them reach their goals.”

Cote isn’t the only player Wolf has mentored. Wolf has developed some of the most recognizable kickers in the National Football League (NFL). One of these players includes former Seattle Seahawk and 2014 Superbowl champion Steven Hauschka.

“David is very similar to Steve as far as number one being a field player,” Wolf says. “Number two he’s tall and lengthy. Whereas back when I started working with Steve, our big concern was are they gonna evolve in the NFL to where they take tall kickers. Now most of them are pretty sized kickers.”

He also says they both have the same type of swing power and body frame. Other former and current NFL players who have been mentored by Wolf include Ryan Quigley, Colton Schmidt, Corey Bojorquez. and Chase McLaughlin.

Wolf only sees Cote’s game improving.

“He did an outstanding job as a rookie last year with the Alouettes and he’s just gonna get better every single year,” Wolf says.

And they both hope to see fans from the United States in the stands at Montreal games.

“When you learn to discover Montreal, you see that it’s a beautiful city, many restaurants, museums, everything with the culture,” Cote says.

“If you live in Vermont and New Hampshire, it is the closest pro sports team that you have around,” Wolf says.

The Montreal Alouettes will play their first home game against the Saskatchewan Roughriders on June 23rd.