UVM alumna Paula Moltzan had a career day at Killington. The former Catamount finished in the top 10 and recorded her best race yet at Killington.

Moltzan finished in seventh place in 1:40:46. She raced in front of a sold-out crowd which included a lot of her family members. The 27-year-old is now on track to qualify for her first Olympic Winter Games.

With some tough conditions on the mountain, Paula noted she wanted to take full advantage of it. The skier is used to it after racing for the University of Vermont.

“I was excited to see that the conditions weren’t perfect. In Levi we had unbelievable snow and weather. So, to get something that’s a little more challenging that a lot of girls haven’t seen I think it might have been a slight advantage. I definitely used that and took full advantage of it today” said Moltzan.

Moltzan added that she used to get very nervous racing in front of her family but was really happy to have so many of them in attendance today at Killington.