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Wasps adapt to challenges, prepare for rebound season

Woodstock has been the team in D3 for the better part of two decades, but there is a lot to prove this season.

The team has claimed ten state titles since 2000, including several runs of multiple championships in a row. However, the team didn’t make it out of the first round in the last tackle season in 2019. If the Wasps want to make it back to the spot they were in back in 2017, it will be an uphill climb. Between a seven-on-seven season last year and a lot of new players on the roster, Woodstock has had to use much of its preseason trying to get players ready to go.

“It’s almost been like starting from new,” Woodstock football head coach Ramsey Worrell said. “Even if you played here for a year or two, we’ve had to take that approach with everybody, so that everybody is on the same speed and level, because everybody has been off for two years no matter what.”

He made that comment in regards to the modified format in 2020, and veterans on the team also noted that getting people used to hitting has been a challenge on its own.

“It’s been tough to go full-on during practice, because we don’t want to get anybody injured,” Woodstock senior quarterback Colby Eaton said. “We’ve had to get the aggression up in as many ways as possible, but we haven’t been able to get up to that hitting stage. Once we get to that first game, a lot of players are going to feel what it’s like to get hit.”

Though this preseason has been challenging in many ways for Woodstock, many schools around the state are dealing with the exact same obstacles. The Wasps will get a good first look at where they stand when they host Springfield to start the season on Friday, Sept. 3 at 7 p.m.

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