In this week’s ‘State of the Green’, General Mountain Man Connor Tobin joins the Morning Brew to discuss some of the team’s social and environmental justices issues that they’re taking a stand on, as well as their upcoming match versus the Blackwatch Rush.

After Friday’s monumental Supreme Court ruling, the team decided to take a stand against the decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. “Friday’s decision was a little dismaying for everyone in the group” he said. “Because reproductive rights are human rights”. In response, the team matched five dollar donations towards abortion groups, for every matchday tweet made in support of reproductive rights.

Also happening with the Green is a new partnership with the ‘Green Saving Smart’ program, to help eligible Vermonters navigate energy and financial barriers. “It provides education services to [low-income] families” Connor said. “It prioritizes BIPOC and new American families, and make navigating our energy environment a little more manageable.”

Finally, Connor discussed tonight’s match versus the Blackwatch Rush at Virtue Field — specifically, the ‘Youth Soccer Night’ festivities that they have planned! “Vermont has a very vibrant soccer community, and youth soccer is a big part of that” he said. “We’ll have events to participate around that, plus Ben & Jerry’s will be giving out free scoops!”

All the action kicks off tonight at 7pm from Virtue Field. If you’re interested in purchasing tickets for ‘Youth Soccer Night’, head on over to