Burlington, VT — The Vermont Green FC are headed to the playoffs. “Hard to imagine this situation, but we had belief that we had a good enough team to at least fight for a playoff spot,” said Adm Pfeifer, Head Coach and Sporting Director.

In a match against the number two seeded Western Mass Pioneers on Sunday, the Green needed a win to clinch a wild card berth. Thanks to a goal by Diba Nwegbo, Vermont took the 1-0 victory. “I just hit it and had faith, that’s all I can say,” said Nwegbo. “I knew something was gonna happen, I’m just glad it was a goal.”

It was Nwegbo’s fourth goal in two games, and the forward has scored when his team needed it the most. “Look, he’s a really good player,” said Pfeifer. “We’re happy to have him fit and healthy. He’s a really hard worker, a dedicated guy. He’s always the last guy to leave the field along with a few others and deserves every bit of the success over the last week.”

When the final whistle blew, the 2500 fans in attendance stormed the field. The stadium was at capacity for the first time all season and it was loud. “Incredible, the best atmosphere I’ve ever played in front of,” said Nwegbo.

It was an overwhelming ending for co-founder Keil Corey. “It’s very emotional right now and I actually don’t have the words for it but I’m really grateful for everything the community has brought to us. Corey is also thankful for what the team has given back to the community. “Kudos to the coaching staff, kudos to the players. They brought their best selves to the pitch, they showed up, they cared. They cared about Burlington, they cared about Vermont, they cared about the mission and they showed it on the field, on the performance side, and they showed it by engaging the community with our partners.”

Despite what happens in the playoffs, the future is bright for the Green and their passionate fanbase. “It makes me really excited about what this club can go into. Not just next year but we’re talking about this club in ten years and what it can be and hope it can be a reflection of Burlington and and how they care about one another. That part makes me really, really excited.” 

Vermont’s opponent is expected to be Lionsbridge FC in Virginia with a likely game date set for July 22.