The seven men of “Running To Stand Still” took on the Miles for Meals Challenge this weekend. The team is made up of Seth Jensen, Dan Davis, Brendan Kinney, Eric Langevin, Dylan McNamara, Jeff Weston and Derek Martisus. 

Since races this summer were canceled due to COVID-19 the team came up with an idea to run the entire length of Vermont. While doing so, the team wanted to raise money and awareness for the Vermont Foodbank.

The challenge is over 200 miles. All the way from the Massachusetts state line to the Canadian Border. The team followed Route 7.

The team created a page where you can donate to the Vermont Foodbank directly. You can donate here. The team initially set a goal of $5 thousand dollars and already raised over $34 thousand for the Foodbank.

The seven members of “Running To Stand Still” live in Essex. About 150 miles into their journey, they stopped by Essex High School to visit family and friends. The team received a police escort through their hometown.

“We wouldn’t be here doing this if we didn’t have this kind of support. This is a reminder of why we’re doing it. I’d be lying if I told you we weren’t tired right now and feeling a bit fatigued. But, this is going to get us through the next 50-60 miles for sure” said Dylan McNamara

“Having run the whole length of Vermont we’ve gotten to see parts of the state we’ve never seen before. It’s also a celebration of the resiliency of the people of Vermont who are rallying around this effort. Being a part of that is really an honor for us” said Brendan Kinney.

Friends and family have been able to track the team throughout their journey through Glympse.

With so much support from the community the team is planning to take on this challenge again next year. “We’ve already talked about how we can improve for next year” said Eric Langevin.

You can donate to the Vermont Foodbank through the “Miles For Meals Challenge” here.