MMU AD Dave Marlow puts upcoming fall season into perspective


Says social aspect of high school sports is most important

Mt. Mansfield Union Activities Director David Marlow is putting the social aspect of sports ahead of the competitive aspect.

“The biggest goal is to get these kids active again, so their mental health and well-being stays positive and strong,” Marlow said.

Mt. Mansfield Unified Union School District has been a big proponent of mental health awareness, and the sentiment is echoed in Marlow’s priorities as the school year approaches.

“Whether we play a game or not is immaterial,” Marlow said. “Making them active and allowing them to be in their social groups playing a sport that they enjoy playing is the most important piece right now.”

Currently, Vermont schools are working out a plan to play seven-on-seven touch football games, which would eliminate much of the contact associated with the sport. The most recent drafted proposal pitched the idea of having two games happening at once: one for skill players, and another for linemen.

“I think it would be kind of cool to see one of our linemen running a pass route,or catching a pass or doing something they may never have had a chance to do” Marlow said. “It’s an opportunity to turn a negative into a positive.”

The fall sports season officially starts on Sept. 8, which should put the start of fall competition anywhere from late September to early October.

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