NEN Xtra – Offensive line looking to pave the way for better rushing attack in 2020

New England Nation

After a lethal rushing attack for the Patriots in 2018–the catalyst to another Super Bowl ring–there was a small decline in rushing production in 2019.

This season, there will be a lot of the same faces, both in the backfield and on the offensive line–a strong recipe for success. But to come back from a slight step backward a season ago, it will take cohesiveness and relationships between both units in order to execute.

While young lineman, Isaiah Wynn has his pre-existing relationship with Georgia Bulldog teammate, Sony Michel, it doesn’t matter to him and the other guys on the line as to who’r running the ball behind them.

“Everybody’s just coming out ready to work. It doesn’t matter who’s back there or who we’re protecting as an offensive line,” said Wynn on Tuesday. “Everybody’s out there doing their job and competing in everyday, but for the most part, I think everybody’s just excited to be back out there together.”

And second year guy Damien Harris, from Alabama, comes into 2020 looking to become a bigger role out of the backfield–and he knows, it’s all about being in sync with the big guys up front and trusting them.

“We gotta keep stringing those days together,” said Harris. “Every day we gotta go out there and get together to play complimentary football. If we do our job, we can help make their jobs easier. They can help make our jobs easier.”

As far as having a good relationship with them, Harris thinks it’s already off to a great start.

“I love running behind those guys. They’re a great group of guys, love playing with them. Love competing with them. I love taking the field with him every single snap,” said Harris. “Those guys work incredibly hard and they make me want to work harder. So I love running behind those guys.”

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