Norwich football head coach Mark Murnyack discusses upcoming season


The Norwich University football team is scheduled to begin preseason camp on August 11. The division III NEWMAC program is still following its set schedule despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

One of the Cadets’ opponents MIT will not be participating in fall sports this season, and that includes football. MIT was the first and only NEWMAC school to announce the decision to opt out of fall sports.

“I just don’t know how do we travel? Who do we play? Do we bring other teams on campus? So, we’re trying to work all of those things out. Things are so fluid and changing it’s just everybody wants answers and we have to make decisions as quick as possible. Things are changing so rapidly so we’re trying to wait as long as we possibly can” said Murnyack.

Being only five weeks away from preseason, Murnyack noted that as of now, all players are planning on participating.

“There’s been a little bit of talk of maybe bringing them in two or three days earlier and having a longer preseason and eliminating some of the non-league games but nothing is set in stone” said Murnyack. There’s a lot of different aspects the coaches and programs will have to figure out when student-athletes return to campus.

“We’re operating on an August 11 arrival time and the same steps that would be put in place previously” noted Murnyack. The NEWMAC conference and NCAA have not given any updates regarding the football season.

The fans at Sabine field are electric with the Corps of Cadets supporting the players along the sidelines. There’s a possibility there could be no fans allowed at games. “As dissapointed as we would be to lose that atmosphere they provide, it would be difficult to swallow. But, if it meant playing as opposed to not playing I think obviously the guys would choose playing” Murnyack said.

Coach noted he wants to ensure the season can go on as safely as possible with a lot of information as well. “It’s going to be a different college experience, it’s going to be a different practice experience, it’s going to be just a different experience. We’re trying to have a season and we know how important that is. But, we want to maintain the safety of all our student athletes and the community and campus as well”

Players have been participating in off-season workouts and have been in constant communication with teammates and coaches. If all goes well with scheduling, players could be arriving to campus and participating in a team quarantine and COVID-19 testing. Nothing is set in stone just yet.

Local 22/44 will keep you updated on the status of Norwich University’s 2020 football season.

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