Norwich men’s soccer coach hopeful for spring action


Adam Pfeifer thinks it's a possibility if pandemic numbers drop

Norwich men’s soccer coach Adam Pfeifer is seeing a silver lining in a potential spring start for his team.

“We’re going to have like a two or three month preseason,” Pfeifer said about training during the fall, if health protocol permits. “That’s what we’re hoping right now, and that’s what’s been talked around loosely, not just within our athletics department, but a lot of schools around the country.”

Pfeifer embraces the idea of the extended training period, because the fall teams normally don’t have nearly that much time to train. Usually, a lot of time is devoted more to recovery the day after games, and preparation for the games ahead.

“I’m holding out hope that [a spring season] might be a possibility,” Pfeifer said. “We’ll use it to motivate us, and keep us pushing forward this fall semester.”

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