The Week 3 matchup between the Chiefs and Bears will go down as one of those where-were-you-when moments. Not only because the 41–10 victory by Kansas City signified Chicago entering official crisis mode, but also due to the fact that the Sunday afternoon game at Arrowhead Stadium inked a connection between the NFL world and the world (universe, galaxy, whatever is bigger than a galaxy, I should say) of Taylor Swift.

The Chiefs are familiar with passionate fan bases. Not only do they boast one of their own, obviously, but they also have some recent history with their Super Bowl LVII opponents, the Eagles. For the Swifties reading, yes, the same Eagles that Travis Kelce’s brother, Jason, has been an anchor of for 13 (coincidence?) years. So more specifically, the Kelce family knows a thing or two about wild fan bases. Now, it doesn’t make sense to try to compare fandoms. For one, it doesn’t matter. If we’re being honest—the most powerful of them all is not one or the other, but rather, the growing overlap. Myself included. Second, knowing how Swifties operate, anyone who wasn’t already a football fan is about to show some serious dedication to learning about it. We’re talking about the same fandom that has been dutifully keeping up with CD booklets, music videos, Instagram posts, speeches and more for years in the off chance of catching a clue (Easter eggs, they’re known as) about something upcoming from Swift. And seriously, for those who weren’t there—these fan theories can be about anything, from a clue as obvious as word puzzles on Google (fans quickly broke the site) or as obscure as an Instagram post that features a fence with a certain number of holes in it. But I digress.

Swift quickly became the talk of the game in the Chiefs’ 41–10 win over the Bears.

Denny Medley/USA TODAY Sports

Having Swift make an appearance at an NFL game is a masterclass in marketing from the league. (Emma Baccellieri did come up with a dream Swift Super Bowl halftime set list, even though Usher took the gig.) There are, of course, plenty of her fans who already watch and follow and care about the NFL. But there are also a lot who don’t, and they will now. At least for the time being. It’s the same way that fantasy football brings in the more casual fan, giving them something tangible to be invested in within the league.

So, as The MMQB’s resident Swiftie (credentials: I went to the Fearless Tour for my 10th birthday, “You Are In Love” was my top song of the year on Spotify, I can a capella “Cold As You,” etc.), I’m here to welcome this infiltration of the NFL with a list of the 50 best Taylor Swift–themed fantasy football team names. There are 15 no-brainers made with her popular and obvious songs, 15 thinkers with short explanations as needed and 15 deep cuts for the more niche references. And, of course, a few bonus ideas that may repeat player names or songs.

It may be too late for Swifties who are new to football to join a season-long fantasy league, but for the millions of fans who are already in on the action, now is a great time to rebrand (rerecord?) your team name.


  1. Hurts Different
  2. Shake It Goff
  3. Getaway Carr
  4. Death by a Thousand Punts
  5. Love Story (Traylor’s Version)
  6. End Zone Game
  7. cowboy like me
  8. Kamara Is My Boyfriend
  9. You Need a First Down
  10. Jonathan Taylor’s Version
  11. Electric Touchdown
  12. Dak to December
  13. Drake London Boy
  14. Burning Red Zone
  15. Breece Hall Too Well (thank you to my SI colleague Sarah Vasile for the inspiration)


1. It’s Tu-A.M.
Swift consistently references 2 a.m. in her songs, so if you have Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa as your starter, take whatever late-night lyric is your favorite and run with it. My personal favorite: ​​It’s 2 a.m. and I’m cursing your name.

2. Welcome to New York
This can be used for either New York–area team (or player), but to be honest, does anyone have a Jets QB on their fantasy roster anymore? Danny Dimes, here we come.

3. My Heart’s Been Burrowed
For all the Joe Burrow calf-injury hopefuls, including myself. 

4. Dyed it Key Lime Green
If you have Geno Smith or any star Seahawks player on your roster, this could be a great name for when Seattle rocks their Action Green uniforms. (Or Dyed it Kelly Green when the Eagles wear their throwbacks.)

5. And I’m a Monster on a Hill
“Anti-Hero” swept the nation this year as her lead single off Midnights, so perhaps the non-Swifties will understand this Tyreek Hill reference. (“I’m a Mostert on a Hill” is a bit strained, but it’s a big week for Dolphins fans and anyone who drafted their starting RB.)

6. Feeling 22
Starting Derrick Henry as your RB1? Sneak in a reference to his jersey number. (Or maybe “Feeling All-22” for you tape grinders.)

7. Sad Beautiful Travis
The player whose name had to be on this list. Let’s just hope this relationship doesn’t play out badly and become the word his name is replacing here. 

Kelce had seven receptions and a touchdown Sunday.

Denny Medley/USA TODAY Sports

8. the 1
Another jersey number reference, but this time for those of you who snagged Ja’Marr Chase or Jalen Hurts early in the draft. And this time in lowercase in honor of folklore.

9. my kicks ricochet 

10. When You’re Fifteen And …
Also known as the guy throwing to Kelce. If you have Patrick Mahomes on your roster, well, one, lucky you. Two, reference both his jersey number and Swift’s unparalleled ability to write about teenage feelings with this team name.

11. Real Tucking Legacy
If you’re like me and picked a kicker way too early just to snag Justin Tucker, and perhaps your favorite song of Midnights is about a color, this is the one for you.

12. Forever & Always
It’s not quite as obvious with the word written out properly (I prefer 4ever), but this is a good, low-key option for any Dak Prescott believers out there.

13. All of the QBs You Loved Before
This team name is perfect for none other than Jordan Love, who is not only following up perhaps the most beloved ex of all time but also has a perfect surname for Swift references.

14. Street Lights Pointed in an Arrowhead
It’s inevitable that this is on the list. One of Swift’s most beloved and heart-wrenching songs about her former relationship literally directs her to the Chiefs stadium? And you’re telling me fate isn’t real.

15. We Are the Fox(borough)es
In honor of 1989 (Taylor’s Version) coming out in a month, there was no choice but to reference another underrated song from the album. So if you’ve got any Patriots players on your roster, slip in this reference to their Massachusetts town.

Deep Cuts:

1. Cover 1, 2, 3, Let’s Go B----
If you’ve been to the Eras Tour, you may know about the crowd chants that accompany certain songs. This is a fan favorite, shouted during “Delicate,” and it just so happens to fit perfectly with these defensive schemes.

2. Gibbs Me Back My Girlhood
The infamous “Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve” line, with a twist for the Lions’ rookie running back. Watch out John Mayer, the fantasy football world is coming for you.

3. Only the Bryce Young
See: Miss Americana on Netflix for more details.

4. Jet-Set, Bonnie and Clyde Edwards-Helaire
If “Getaway Car” is your favorite song, but you didn’t draft the Saints’ quarterback, well, I don’t blame you. Here’s one of Swift’s infamous bridge lyrics for yet another one of Kelce’s teammates.

5. My Eagles T-Shirt Hanging
Until her Eras Tour stop at Lincoln Financial Field, this lyric from “gold rush” was a highly debated topic in the fandom. Alas, Swift herself confirmed it was referencing the NFL team (sorry, “Hotel California” fans), so if you’ve got a Philadelphia star on your roster, feel free to make use of it.

6. Dancing In Your Levi’s
The 49ers have several star players who will be doing end zone dances in Levi’s Stadium, so if you’re insistent on bringing the folklore love triangle to life, go with this lyric from “Cardigan.”

7. You’re Not Mahomes Land Anymore
The most celebrated surprise-song performance of them all, this play on the “Exile” chorus is a clever way to bring Kelce’s teammate back to the forefront.

8. Bigger Than the Whole Skyy
Sad song, but hopefully not a sad day with Skyy Moore, one of the Chiefs’ top pass catchers not named Kelce, on your roster.

9. My Penny’s Made Your Crown
If you have Eagles running back Rashaad Penny on your roster, maybe naming your team after him will turn your karma around, and he will play even a single snap this week.

10. The Zay I Loved You
Rookie wide receiver Zay Flowers is sensible and so incredible, some would say.

11. kadarius toney island
This has unintentionally become a Chiefs-heavy list, but with Toney only logging one catch in Week 3, this evermore reference can go on the back burner for later in the year.

12. Range Rovers and Jaguars
Another more obscure Swift lyric with a direct team reference, this one is for any team manager who boasts Trevor Lawrence, Travis Etienne or Calvin Ridley. Shame they’ll have to go up against the current king of her heart in the AFC.

13. A State of Ja’Marr Chase
A layup if you have the Bengals’ wide receiver, who may be back on track after his 12-catch, 141-yard game in Week 3.

14. That Kittle Town Street
This list is light on 49ers, so here’s an “All Too Well” reference (10 minute version only) about their tight end.

15. The Breece in My Hair on the Weekend
Again, hopefully the transitive good karma you get from being a Swiftie will revive Hall’s points output in Week 4.


1. Too Young to Be Played With
We’re all thinking of the rookie, who does in fact seem too young at times to be behind that offensive line.

2. Breece Hall It What You Want
Hall is just too easy of a name to work with here.

3. Tua Is Better Than One
The 2009 hit that features Taylor Swift only half counts as an appropriate song title to reference.

4. Tua for the Show
The Dolphins could run into a few champagne problems come February if they keep up this offensive power.

5. I’m Drunk in the Back of the Carr
Bourbon Street and drinking tend to go together anyway, right? It could have been a “Cruel Summer” for Derek if the Saints hadn’t grabbed him.