St. Mike’s athlete comes to the rescue


A mid-September trip to the cafeteria was not quite the introduction to college Ingrid Boland and Jermaine White had expected.

The two freshmen did not know each other prior to Tuesday, September 18, but found their paths intertwined that night.

In fact, before speaking with Local 22/44’s Frank DeLuca on September 26, they had not officially met at all.

Jermaine White was in the cafeteria with his friends when he noticed someone attempting to perform the Heimlich maneuver. He thought the person was not doing it correctly, so he stepped in and took over trying to save the girl’s life.

That girl was Ingrid Boland, a freshman cross country runner, who had choked while eating salad. 

White continued performing the Heimlich maneuver until the situation was resolved.

Boland and White individually carried on and parted ways after the incident, but both will take this freshman year memory with them through their college years.

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