‘The Brady Factor’: Business booming ahead of Super Bowl

The Big Game

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Tampa Bay restaurants say they’re benefitting from the Super Bowl with what they call, “The Brady Factor” as mom and pop shops, especially, are getting a financial boost from the Buccaneers quarterback.

Local businesses tell 8 On Your Side they’re busier than ever with the home team playing in the Super Bowl – at home. They’re so grateful, especially in an industry that’s been hurting this past year.

Just ask hometown staple Alessi Bakery, they’ve seen a lot in 109 years.

They tell us, this moment is more magical than ever as the Buccaneers are in the race for the coveted Lombardi trophy.

Their tiny, fudge-covered footballs with yellow cake inside are now-plentiful on the shelves, restocked multiple times a day, as customers line up to taste the homemade, buttery treats.

“Non stop busy, people are getting orders, Buccaneer cakes, Buccaneer cupcakes, cookies, party platters,” said Jason Alessi.

With smiles under their masks and orders underway, business is, indeed, booming for this Tampa staple that started in 1912. With more people staying home this year to tailgate and watch the game, the orders are huge.

“A lot of people are getting items to have at home, and of course, they’re getting items for the Super Bowl, it’s an all-day tailgate,” Alessi told us.

Through the years and through the pandemic, Alessi Bakery has relied on locals to keep them alive, especially during COVID-19.

“You know, we’ve got a lot of loyal customers, they’ve kept us in business for over a 100 years now,” Alessi explained.

Across town at Mickey’s Subs, the local love is also alive and well as the sought-after subs are making their mark in the neighborhood with the shop just starting out and seeing a lot of success.

The sub shop on North Armenia has been in business for just over 18 months now and is just a stone’s throw from Raymond James Stadium.

Super Bowl staff have been stopping by to enjoy the wildly popular Italian sub with homemade parmesan dressing. It’s flying off the shelves.

“We make our own in-house parmesan dressing,” explained Michael Dortch. “Virginia ham, Genoa salami, toast the roll in our hot oven, it’s to die for!”

\The owner said he was a little nervous about opening his shop just prior to the pandemic, but just like Alessi Bakery, he’s felt the loyalty and love from the locals.

“It’s always about that food thing, food really does bring people together,” said Dortch with a big smile. ‘When you have really good food, it’s nice to see them go quiet, eat and enjoy it. Body temperature rise and rise up a little bit. It’s nice!”

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