Travis Roy wiffle ball tournament breaks fundraising record


Travis Roy Foundation sets new record fundraising total

It’s the “Best weekend of the year” and it got even better. Saturday afternoon the Travis Roy Foundation revealed the 2019 fundraising total.

Last year’s total was $617 thousand dollars. This year the Travis Roy Foundation broke the fundraising record, bringing in $685 thousand dollars total. The amount of money raised is just from teams fundraising alone, the final number will be released Sunday that includes concession sales, and a silent auction.

The Boston Beef team hit the $1 million mark of fundraising in the lifetime of the tournament.

Travis shared that he thinks the amount will reach over $700 thousand by the end of the Tournament.

“It’s a lot of pressure, a little anxiety to try to think that we could ever come close to putting up a number like that. I’m already nervous for next year. But, it’s humbling. I wish everybody out there that’s watching this right now could come out here and feel what goes on” said Roy.

Travis added “We’re gonna fund a lot of research and we’re gonna help out with adaptive grants. I’m excited to get back to the office and start spreading it tot make differences in peoples lives”

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