Overall, the alpine combined event was dominated by the Spanish, as Albert Ortega took home gold after beating the competition by nearly half a second. Jacob Dilling had the best slalom finish for the U.S. men, finishing 5th, 0.96 seconds behind Ortega; Dilling finished 5th overall in alpine combined.

For the women, Celia Abad from Spain took home gold after finishing first in both portions of the combined event. The U.S. women’s team spoke after the event and Ainsley Proffit spoke about what went well for her after she got the seventh fastest time in the slalom race. “Slalom is one of my favorite events and coming into today, I just knew I wanted to come and attack and put down a solid run,” she said. “Your run can always be better but I’m pretty proud of it and happy I moved up the ranks.”

Proffit finished 7th overall in the alpine combined event. Cheyenne Brown spoke about how nervous she was before starting the race. “Coming into today I was definitely nervous because slalom isn’t something I do all the time, but it was really nice to have these ladies because we were all pumping each other up, firing each other up, and I would say the most important part of skiing is having a really good support system,” Brown said.

Brown and Ashley Rose Humphreys are officially done with all of their events for the games and talked about what it was like to get to know their team and what their future plans may hold. “We’ve been hanging out together for the last week, all our meals have been together, we ride the van together, everything we do is with each other; it’s kind of a bummer because you get so close with the people, especially at events like these,” said Brown. Humphreys said she is looking to get into veterinary school now, and this was likely the last big event of her ski racing career.

Proffit and Mia Hunt each have one more race to compete in with the women’s giant slalom on Tuesday. All 4 skiers emphasized how amazing it was to get to meet skiers around the globe who are competing at the highest level, and watch how they attack a difficult course.