UVM Honors Josh Speidel During Stony Brook Game


It’s a moment Josh Speidel won’t forget anytime soon. In his words:

“A dream come true really.”

After suffering life-threatening brain injuries a year ago, Speidel was forced to forgo his basketball scholarship.  Doctors told him he wouldn’t be in Vermont today, Yet here he is.  Side by side with the coaches and players that were meant to be called his teammates.

John Becker says, “We’ve all been waiting a long time for this to get him here and have him here for an extended about of time.  And have things feel like they’re supposed to be.  And now we’re a complete team.  He’re here.”
Speidel tells us, “I always envisioned this.  And maybe not this way.  But to have the home crowd.  It was great.”

As a high school player at Columbus North in Indiana, Speidel was a force to be reckoned with. Once matching up with, and easily scoring on current Catamounts Ernie and Everett Duncan.  Since then, he’s become good friends with the brothers.

Ernie Duncan recalls, “I would text him every day to the point where he wouldn’t answer me.  So I would shoot him a text and then he wouldn’t answer me for like three days, so then I’d text him back and be like, ‘What’s your deal?  Like why aren’t you answering me?’ So I was always on his back trying to get him here, so I’m glad he’s finally here.”
Speidel adds, “Him and Everett coming here.  They had a huge hand.  So just being able to sit by [Ernie] in the game.  Was. It’s just overwhelming.

His first home game on the Catamount bench.  A loss at the hands of a tough Stony Brook team… But under other circumstances.  It all could have been different.

Becker says, “I would have loved to have him to put in the game.  And I think about that every game, and every day.”

Given Speidel’s fast recovery rate, one day, Coach Becker may just get his wish..

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