Tunbridge, VT – Organizers of one of Vermont’s oldest events say flood damage will not delay the opening of the Tunbridge World’s Fair.

The 151-year-old fair is scheduled to open September 14, despite damage to the fairgrounds which were underwater until early Tuesday. The annual dog show the fairgrounds hosts every year had to be canceled.

Much of the track and cattle and oxen barns need to be filled and grated. But no buildings were taken out and maintenance staff have been working to undo any damage.

Organizers say stabilizing the riverbanks surrounding the fairgrounds remains a work in progress. “We’ve already contacted a couple of different agencies,” Secretary for the Tunbridge Fair Peggy Sherlock says. “We have the permit in place to work on the streambank and try to get that stabilized because we know it will flood again. The events that are scheduled will go on and definitely the fair will go on, you won’t know anything happened.”

There will be some changes, however. Organizers say there will not be harness racing this year but the timber sports wood-chopping competitions will make a return. The fair runs September 14-17.