Coronavirus disrupts wedding plans, but getting to the altar is still possible


There are a lot of anxious brides and grooms these days. They have spent months planning their weddings and, with the coronavirus pandemic upending life in Vermont and around the globe, they are suddenly faced with uncertainty.

Some couples have decided to continue with their plans for the big day by streaming their wedding online for their guests. Others have decided to postpone it.

“We wanted to have a real wedding, with lots of people and at a special place,” said bride-to-be Giuliana Vetrano. “It was just a matter of when.”

Local wedding planner Jaclyn Watson suggests waiting until 30-60 days before your wedding to decide what to do. “It doesn’t make sense for the July through October clients to be repositioning their wedding right now because that is months away,” she said.

Watson is telling her clients that as long as they postpone the big day and not cancel, their deposit is safe. “If you are no longer having the event and you have put a non refundable deposit down, and you cancel, you can’t get that back,” she said.

Watson recommends couples who decide to reschedule to choose a weekday for the date. That will increase the likelihood that vendors will be available.

“We were looking at weekdays,” Vetrano said. “I figured it’s not going to be a normal weekday because people will be coming out of a lot of time working from home.”

Watson said pushing your wedding off until next year makes a difficult time for vendors even harder. “If you postpone to 2021, which is fine, than your vendors can’t take another wedding for that day and they lose money again,” she said.

Watson also advises that couples maintain an overabundance of communication with vendors so everyone is on the same page. Vetrano said that, even if everything ends up going smoothly, getting to the altar will be take its toll on your sanity.

“Stop playing out all the scenarios all day long and stop thinking about October all the time,” she said. “But that’s easier said than done. I definitely worry about it and come up with new ideas everyday.”

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