Northern Border Closed to All Non-Essential Travel


PLATTSBURGH, President Trump’s tweet made many people nervous about border travel but Garry Douglas from the North Country Chamber of Commerce said the border is not closed, but it is limited!

“The border is not closed. Please do not use the word closed. It creates undoed perception’s” said Garry Douglas

The North Country Chamber is speaking frequently with people in Washington D.C. and Canada.
And they’ll make a joint announcement in the next few days.

“I am pleased to say there now is and assurance from homeland security that when this thing is announced in the next day or two it will exempt health care personal who communte accross the boarder” said Douglas.

The border will also remain open to trade.

“In almost all cases having cross-border customer and supply chains they would have a right to be very concerned if there was going to be any interruption in commercial activity. There will not be”

But non-essential travel across the border *will be greatly restricted.

“What impact is this going to have on canadians comming to your area? I don’t think its going to have alot of impact because the imipact has already come” said Douglas.

Douglas says his team meets every morning. He also believes they’re on top of this situation as much as any chamber could be.

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