Senate Passes the Largest Emergency Aid Package in U.S. History


Vermont is expecting to receive about two-billion in support from the more than two trillion dollar coronavirus relief package making its way throught congress. This is the largest emergency aid package in U.S. history.

The cares act is a response to the severe damage our economy is facing in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

Congressman Peter Welch said, “There is real income support for people who are staying home from work to comply with the stay at home orders that we are all living under”

Vermont congressman Peter Welch says individuals could receive up to 12-hundred dollars if they make less than seventy-five thousand a year.
$500 for every child in the house.

“There are checks that are going to be going out. Hopefully in about two weeks. That what secretary Mnuchin says” said Welch.

Welch says small businesses will be able to get loans that turn in to grants if they spend that money on keeping their employees.

“Small businesses, they are so important to Vermont and most people in Vermont, work pay check to pay check for small employers”

When it comes to unemployment benefits. Vermonters will be able to get an extra six hundred dollars per week in addition to what they already get from the state.

“Those are the things that are really going to make a difference for individuals who are contending with having to stay at home and all the disruption that goes along with our response” said Welch.

The bill will also provide Vermont with twenty million for public transportation, five point four million to support public health, and four point seven million in community development

“Revenues are way down in Vermont but expenses are way up. So the federal government is going to help the states out. We are trying to avoid shifting the burden of this on to state tax payers and individual tax payers.”

During his daily news conference, Burlington mayor Miro Weinberger said what he knows of the bill… Appears to be a good first step.

“For today, for this week, it does seem to me to be a far reaching bill that does a lot of good” said Weinberger.

“The only thing that is really enough is if we go back to normal. That’s really the challenge because its not just a matter of getting money it doesn’t make up for that absence all of us feel when we can’t be in our normal life” said Welch.

The bill will go to the house next and they are set to vote on it Friday.

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