The Meteorological start to summer occurred on June 1st, but the astronomical start to summer is tomorrow morning at 5:13 AM. With that being said, there’s no better time to talk about how overwhelmingly warm our summers are becoming in this week’s “Two Degree Difference.

Since 1970, 235 out of 246 United States locations had an increase in their summer average temperature. That equates to more than 96% of those surveyed locations having experienced a big uptick in summer heat. Also, 200 of those 246 locations had 7 or more summer days above normal since the early 70s. Why are these numbers and facts important? They’re important because the Queen City of Burlington is becoming part of the statistic.

Burlington, as we have noted before, is one of the fastest warming northern United States cities. You only need to take one look at the summer stats showing the Queen City with 16 more warm summer days since 1970 to realize that our summers are getting hotter.

Also, Burlington’s average summer temperature has risen 3.3 degrees since the early 1970s. The numbers may, overall, seem small, but many impacts are felt because of the extreme warming trend. Impacts to our air quality become likely and heat related illnesses such as heat strokes increase in ordinary people. This summer make sure you are doing your best to stay hydrated, cool, and climate change minded.