It’s America’s 246th birthday today and we’ve been keeping records of our daily weather for 142 of those years. According to the America Museum of Natural History, Thomas Jefferson reported afternoon temperatures in the upper 70s on July 4th 1776; the day the Declaration of Independence was signed.

Here in Burlington, we’ve had our fair share of extremes on the Fourth of July. Back in 1911, the Queen City reached a scorching 98 degrees. By contrast, back in 1962 we started off the 4th on a chilly note with a record low of 40 degrees.

The coolest afternoon high temperature found on America’s birthday was 76 degrees back in 1983, which is actually only a degree or two off from today’s high temperatures. In more recent memory, Burlington picked up 1.89 inches of rain back in 2013. Have a safe and happy 4th of July!