In the month of July, we had a historic amount of rainfall for our region that caused a record amount of flooding. As we start August, let’s break down the numbers.

The data was from the National Weather Service and CoCoRaHS We split up the region into 3 parts. Starting in the first region, Danville received the most rain with over 16 inches of rain for july. With other locations receiving over 12 inches for this region.

In the second region. Cavendish led with over 14 inches of rain with Ludlow receiving over 13 inches.

For the 3rd region, Ripton received almost 16 inches of rain with Stowe receiving over 13 inches.

Most of this rain came in a 48 hour time period but removing that we still received a considerable amount of rain for this month. 

Montpelier actually broke its record for their wettest month of all time for that station with 12.06 inches.

The month of July has been one of the crazier months with the weather.. With record breaking heat waves, to our flooding event. Climate change is playing a role in all of these events.