The world has warmed to the highest temperatures on record, and we have seen the effects of it across the U.S. in just this past year. We are starting to transition into cleaner energy to help combat this ongoing, compounding problem.

The United States is making strides in solar and wind. With that, 46 states are projected to make up more than 50% of energy capacity with solar and wind by 2035. Especially with the Inflation Reduction Act, which aims to cut a number of emissions by 2030.

While Vermont is already one of the leaders in renewable energy, other states are trying to follow behind.

But even with these cuts, the United States still isn’t expected to reach its goal by 2030. But we are trending in the right direction.

Looking locally, Vermont’s top emitting sector is transportation, and New York’s is as well. What our region can do is try to reduce demand for fossil fuel transportation, like cars. And for cars to be more fuel efficient or electric.