From 2011 to 2021, Vermont was in the top 10 in the United States with 17 declared major climate disasters. In those 10 years, Vermont placed 5th on per capita spending on these disasters, with Louisiana at the top of the list.

These findings are in the “Atlas of Disaster: Vermont,” from Rebuild by Design. They are a nonprofit based in New York that comes up with climate solutions through infrastructure and policy. Rebuild by Design is most widely known for rebuilding infrastructure after Hurricane Sandy.

They find that Washington county led the state with 11 disasters, while five other counties had 10 disasters. Since this report came out two years ago, it does not include the flood that happened in July.

Climate change hurts the maple syrup industry by advancing the sugaring season by 10 days which can drastically affect the state’s economy.

How does Rebuild by Design want to help? They created a blueprint or a guide to help states adapt to climate disasters. Their blueprint includes how to build a collaborative program to create climate resilience infrastructure and how to finance it.

This program can help states like Vermont be more resilient to future climate catastrophes.

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