The severe weather season is already well off to the races with much of the southern and central United States being dealt deadly tornadoes and severe thunderstorms just earlier this month.

These storms have left behind costly repairs and years worth of rebuilding. Severe storms account for more than half of our billion dollar disasters in this country.

Between 2001 and 2022, the U.S. has seen six times the number of billion dollar storms than the previous two decades.

As our climate continues to warm, the number of severe weather days are forecast to increase. The threat of supercells, which are severe, rotating thunderstorms, is dramatically increasing in various parts of the country including areas that are unaccustomed to these dangerous storms.

These conditions favorable to supercells and tornadoes are expanding into historically less-active winter months. More vigilance and awareness for the weather is becoming increasingly important as our climate warms.

Lastly, more tornado outbreaks are occurring in the southeast and mid-south regions where there’s a greater mobile home density. Mobile homes are very susceptible to tornado hazards including injuries, property damage, and death. Tornado deaths are at least ten times more likely in mobile homes than in sturdy, built-for-climate-change kind of homes.