We are about two months away from the official start of winter, and the Climate Prediction Center with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, also known as NOAA, just released its outlook for December through February.

Last winter was predicted to be warmer and wetter than average, and according to climate.gov, it was an accurate outlook for our region.

For this year’s outlook, NOAA is indicating that we should expect to see temperatures that typically lean above average once again. This means the chance for a warmer than average winter is higher. In fact, seasonal forecasters aren’t expecting any region of the U.S. to see a below average winter in terms of temperatures.

On the other hand, signals for how wet and/or snowy will be remain uncertain. As seasonal forecasters say, we have equal chances of above or below average precipitation.

Elsewhere across the United States, southern regions can expect above average precipitation due to an enhanced southern jet stream. A southern jet is an atmospheric element that is typically found in El Niño patterns.