Climate normals average 30 years of weather data, providing us with a baseline for conditions for each season and region of the country.

NOAA’s U.S. climate normals for 1991-2020 provide the most recent baseline for comparing current weather and understanding our changing climate. When comparing the old range of data (from 1981-2010), averages across the United States for every season have increased in the range of 0.4 to 0.7 degrees of warming.

Winter was the season with the largest and most widespread rise in normal temperatures, of well over one degree.

For Burlington, Vermont we have seen over a degree of warming in the winter seasons averages with the least change occurring in the spring season of only .4 degrees of warming.

There are some exceptions though across the United States, mainly in the north central region of the country. In some parts the 1991-2020 winter and spring normal temperatures were up to 0.7 degrees cooler than the previous range (1981-2010).