The gardening and growing seasons are underway, so help yourself and the environment by planting a sapling or two his year. 

Trees can help reduce the risks of extreme heat, the leading weather-related cause of death. Large canopies help reduce surface temperatures and cool the surrounding air. Shade trees also provide immediate relief for those working, playing or exercising outdoors.

Tree canopies can also help to slow rainfall while roots and soil filter and absorb water. This minimizes the amount of storm water rushes over pavement and contributes to runoff and flooding.

Trees have also been found to help improve our air quality. In fact, leaves are great at absorbing harmful gases and intercepting hazardous particulate matter that pollutes the air we breathe.

Most importantly, trees remove CO2 and other greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. They store that carbon in their leaves, trunks, branches, and roots making for a healthier environment for everyone. There are even studies linking healthy trees and time spent in nature to a number of physical and mental health benefits.

When we localize the power of trees in Burlington, we find that they have helped us to avoid 186 million gallons of storm runoff. These same trees have also absorbed 11 million pounds of air pollution while removing over 400 thousand tons of carbon pollution.