In this week’s Two Degree Difference we explore the four very different seasons and which ones are warming the fastest in Vermont.

As our climate warms, all four seasons are warming too, but at different rates across the United States. Winter was the fastest warming season for more than half of the country. In fact, locations with the fastest winter warming since the 1970s were found from coast to coast but were clustered in the Northeast and Great Lakes region. This can cause a disruption in snowfall patterns.

When it comes to the Green Mountain State, winter has warmed the most out of all the seasons and it has warmed significantly. Temperatures have risen by an average of 7 degrees since the 1970s. Luckily, our latest bout of cold air has allowed many ski areas to open on time this year, but forward thinking about a warmer winter and learning how to adapt will be important. It will be especially important for businesses that thrive off of winter recreation.