Weather: A quiet stretch of comfortably cool condition


Your weather today really depended on where you sit on the map. Those of you in the southernmost counties saw some rain early this morning, and a lot of cloud cover, will to the north actually broke out into some sunshine!

 A few showers linger on the radar at this hour thank to a little disturbance that is working through the region. I suspect in the next few hours those will be out of our hair, and we’ll be left with partly cloudy skies overnight.

A few areas of fog may develop early Wednesday morning in our favorite morning fog locations. Otherwise, we’re looking at mostly sunny skies with temperatures climbing to the mid 70’s. There is the slightest chance of an afternoon shower or rumble of thunder, but I think most will remain dry. 

The same story for Thursday as mostly sunny skies prevail but there could be a couple of showers bubbling up during the afternoon, but again I think most of us will remain dry. 

Here’s how the week is shaping up:

Tonight: Partly cloudy, any lingering showers wrap up. Temperatures fall to the low to mid 50’s. 

Wednesday: Mostly sunny, slight chance of an afternoon rain shower. Mid 70’s.

Thursday: Partly to mostly sunny, slight chance of an afternoon rain shower. Low 80’s.

Friday: Mostly sunny. Mid 80’s.

Saturday: Mostly sunny. Mid 80’s.

-Skytracker Meteorologist Haley Bouley

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