Weather Blog: Stay weather aware as stronger storms rumble through

Wow! We treated to a lovely day on Tuesday! I spent the entire day outside, and I probably could have counted the number of clouds I saw on one hand! Gorgeous!

I found one little lonely cloud over the Green Mountain yesterday afternoon

Across the area early this morning, many folks were treated to a fiery sunrise! But as the saying goes… Red sky at morning, sailors take warning! Wednesday is shaping up to be a day where you’re going to need to stay weather aware!

Sunrise at 6:02 AM over Colchester

It’s been an early wake-up call for folks in Southern Vermont as strong storm are rumbling through Vermont’s Southernmost counties. Outside of our region, a line of severe storms has stretch southward along I-81 near Watertown, N.Y.

As those storms progress eastward they’ll make there way into the Champlain Valley and the North Country, featuring heavy rains, gusty winds, and frequent lightning. Stay weather aware and have a way to get a warning if it issued.

The biggest question is how much sunshine we will see today. When we do break out into the sunshine, that heating allows our atmosphere to destabilize which helps those storms to strengthen.

-Skytracker Meteorologist Haley Bouley

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