It’s a cold, raw and rainy start to this Monday, with the radar even scanning some bright banding or melting snowflakes high above the Champlain Valley.

The steady rain continues this morning before wrapping up after lunch time and giving way to some leftover areas of drizzle and a lot of cloud cover.

But were not done with the rain, we actually have a quiet a bit more to roll through as we look into Tuesday’s forecast.

Let’s back out a bit and talk about the big picture! Right now the rain we’re watching this morning is thanks to a warm front attached to a low pressure system way out west over the upper Mid-West.

That center of low pressure heads out to the coast, meeting up with another developing low and the two combine and interact creating an intense Nor’easter bringing strong winds and torrential rain to Southern New England.

Here at home we won’t get the brunt of the storm but we are expecting heavy rain and some breezy winds especially along our eastern slopes.

The rain showers continue through Tuesday before wrapping up Wednesday- by afternoon for most.

Rainfall totals range between about 0.25-0.50″ along the Vermont/Canada border to 2-3″ in southern Vermont. The good news for our rivers is that the dry weather as of late has left the rivers with a lot of room before reaching bankful so widespread flooding isn’t anticipated.

-Skytracker Meteorologist Haley Bouley