With cooler temperatures in place overnight, and warm air nosing in with a warm front, we woke up to a brief period of freezing rain with a few hundredths of an inch of ice accumulation and some slick roads to go along with it.

As of 7:30 AM most of that freezing rain has come to an end with warming temperatures… the only exception is our colder hallows of the Northeast Kingdom and the higher elevations.

With those rising temperatures comes a strong southerly breezy so far sustained between 10-20 mph, but gusting between 35 and 60 mph in some spots… even over 90 mph on Mount Mansfield!

As we move into the afternoon, the rain will pick up again as the cold front approaches from the west. With the cold front comes a line of showers and even some embedded thunderstorm that will bring another push of strong and potentially damaging winds. With the front our winds shift from the south to the west and north west with colder air rushing in behind it flipping any leftover rain showers into snow showers.

Those snow showers overnight may pack a punch, especially with some lingering gusty winds, visibility could be the biggest issue, but no more than a dusting to 2 inches of accumulations is expected.

Drier, calmer, and even sunnier weather rolls in for Tuesday… but we are much cooler with afternoon temperatures in the upper 20’s.

Stay weather aware this afternoon!

-Skytracker Meteorologist Haley Bouley