Weather: If you thought today was muggy… wait till Friday.


Happy Hump day! Today was, to put it bluntly awful. Temperatures climbed in the low 80s with really humid air in place. The silver lining rain will begin to clear out north to south as we progress through the rest of Wednesday night and into Thursday.  Meanwhile, temperatures will fall into the mid and upper 60s with dewpoints on there way down. 

Thursday features temperatures in the 80s and humidity that will be much more manageable. A spot shower or 2 cannot be ruled especially the further south you go. I wish I could say this would last but it gets BAD after that.

Friday the heat and humidity come bach in a vengeful way. Temperatures will climb into the 90s and with dewpoints in the low 70s and it will feel like the upper 90s outside.

More bad news it gets worse for Saturday as temperatures soar into the mid 90s with that humid air in place that gives us a heat index at or above 100. A shower or thunderstorm could fire up each day and they could be strong to severe in nature with heat like that. 

Get those Air conditioners ready!

-Skytracker weather intern Peter Kvietkauskas & Meteorologist Haley Bouley 

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