It’s a gloomy, dreary, and damp morning of weather with temperatures in the 40s/50s alongside cloudy skies and scattered showers. Northerly breezes are averaging 5-10 mph, which is light enough to allow low level moisture to settle close to the ground resulting in patchy, dense fog. Drive safe on those wet, foggy roadways this morning.

Our afternoon will consist of more scattered showers, mostly cloudy skies, and brisk north winds of 5-15 mph. Overnight, showers taper to just some drizzle/sprinkles as fog returns after midnight.

Friday may start off fairly dry, but pop up showers/downpours will become likely with the heat of the day. Friday afternoon will turn wet for some with highs inching closer to the 70 degree mark. Overnight, showers will wane to some stray sprinkles as lows dip into the 40s/50s.