Good Tuesday morning and happy Halloween, friends! Temperatures are in the 20s to low 30s with a light north breeze, clearing skies, and localized icy spots. There have been reports of some bridges/overpasses freezing up as roadways try to dry out from yesterday’s rainfall.

This afternoon, temps will push the 40 degree mark with partly to mostly sunny skies. North winds will remain light but wind chills will likely reside in the 30s for the second half of the day. All in all, it will look beautiful today but it won’t necessarily feel that way unless you’re a fan of colder air.

Trick-or-treat time will be frigid to say the least with temps tumbling into the middle to upper 30s. As long as you sport an extra, warm layer while out and about this evening, you should be in good shape. The best news of all is that it remains dry all day.

Wednesday will offer up a partly cloudy to partly sunny sky with a few isolated rain/snow showers. The very light wintry precipitation will fall apart by the evening as we dry up by the overnight. Temps will only top out in the middle to upper 30s through midweek. Keep cozy!