After a frosty and freezing cold Friday morning, we have a beautiful weekend ahead of us. High pressure builds in today and keeps us dry through Saturday and Sunday, albeit a little cloudy to kick off the weekend as blow off clouds from “Ian” sneak into the North Country and Upper Valley.

This morning, frost advisories and freeze warnings are in effect until 8 AM. That means we are starting the day in the 20s/30s and maybe low 40s, if you’re lucky. You’ll want to bundle up and grab the shades before heading out the door. Also, please note that you may need an extra few minutes to scrape your windshields before getting on your way.

Our afternoon will offer up mostly sunny skies, light west-southwest breezes, dry weather, and highs in the middle to upper 60s. There may be some folks closer to the St. Lawrence River Valley that could hit 70 degrees. Meanwhile, “Ian” will make it’s third and final landfall in southern South Carolina, near Charleston, later this afternoon with flooding becoming a big issue.

As for the weekend, “Ian” will stay south but the leftover cloud cover will navigate north into New England from time to time. Saturday will be the cloudiest day with the milkiest skies, but that’s great weather for leaf peeping. Highs will manage the middle to upper 60s. Sunday, the clouds break up a little bit as high pressure exits to the east. Highs will top out in the upper 50s to low 60s; a cool end to the weekend.