Both boundaries that plagued the forecast with cooler than normal temperatures, cloudy skies, and rain showers have now exited. Replacing those fronts is an area of high pressure just to our south. That same high pressure will likely lead to a beautiful start to the holiday weekend.

This morning, temperatures are chilly and are about 10 to 20 degrees cooler than yesterday…and yesterday was cool! Temperatures are in the 40s/50s with a few outlying upper 30s in the mountain towns and peaks. Dew point temperatures have crashed as well with comfortable humidity accompanied by mostly sunny skies and patchy fog.

The afternoon will offer up blue skies, breezy south winds of 5-15 mph, and highs in the upper 70s to low 80s. It will remain comfortable through the afternoon with low humidity. Skies will remain clear overnight, too, all as temperatures dip back into the 50s/60s.

The Labor Day weekend forecast will showcase lots of sunshine Saturday followed by cloudier skies and unsettled weather for Sunday and Monday. A cold front sinks south across much of the Northeast with a spot shower/t-storm chance Sunday. Monday, Labor Day, will likely deliver scattered showers from central VT and points south. All in all, Saturday will be the pick of the holiday weekend. Enjoy!